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Kalamazoo Protestant Reformed Church

We invite you to join us at our worship services at 9:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. each Sunday. We focus on the preaching of God’s Word during our service and pray that God will be glorified in all of our worship, congregational life, and activities.

4515 Green Acres Drive
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4 hours ago

Kalamazoo Protestant Reformed Church

How should we practice personal evangelism?

If we believe that the salvation of a soul is not in our hands, then we will not use our own methods in personal evangelism. Instead we will seek out these 4 methods that God has appointed to accomplish the salvation of others:

1. We pray for their salvation, even as it pleases God. Paul’s desire and prayer was that Israel might be saved. This prayer arose out of the situation of spiritual indifference and hardness among his relatives and neighbors who did not confess and repent and who walked in darkness. We pray that our life and our words before the unconverted might be used of God to work salvation…God is pleased through the prayers of His people to accomplish His own sovereign purpose of the salvation of His children.

2. We witness by the influence of a consistent and sincere Christian life. The world is going to come to you and say, “We abuse and ridicule you, and yet you continue to walk that Christian lifestyle. We try to get you to come along with us in sin and you are as stubborn as a brick. And you continue to love according to the Word of God. What is there about you, what makes you tick?” Then you have the opportunity, from a consistent lifestyle, to speak of the hope that is in you.

3. We faithfully witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ; there must not be a shameful silence among us. We have different gifts in witnessing, but we must use the gifts that we have….We must have a knowledge of the Bible. That does not mean that we simply take some statement of the gospel and memorize it as a little thing that we throw out. The gospel and the knowledge of the Bible must flow out of our lives.

4. We must bring our neighbors, acquaintances, and friends to the appointed means of grace: the preaching of the Word of God in the church services. It is here that children of God experience the special presence of God among His people and the Word of God preached and proclaimed.

Read the rest of Rev. Haak's message on our website: bit.ly/2H6qX3j
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3 days ago

Kalamazoo Protestant Reformed Church

The audio file for "Persecuted for Christ's Sake" is now posted online! It was an excellent speech, and everyone is encouraged to listen to it. tinysa.com/sermon/41618203510 ... See MoreSee Less

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